The Front Facade Restoration is Complete

We are excited to announce that Phase II of the Restoring Our Legacy Campaign is complete! On to Phase III!

unnamed-13After more than two years of grant-writing, fundraising, meeting with our architects, more fundraising, and meeting with our contractors, the second, third, and fourth floors of the museum have been restored! Soon the scaffolding will be removed.

The front facade of the building has been stabilized, straightened, and made structurally sound. Siding has been replaced, windows have been squared,  the roof has been shingled, and the entire front facade has been painted the historically accurate color of buff beige.

We have begun fundraising for Phase 3. When complete, Phase II will include a restoration of the Westfield Avenue side.  This phase will cost approximately $100,000 and thanks to generous donations from our members, state and county grants, plus RSI Bank of Rahway, we are getting closer!

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