About your Elizabeth Resolutes

Elizabeth Resolutes

The original Elizabeth Resolutes played base ball in New Jersey from 1866 through 1878. In 1870, the Resolutes won the New Jersey State Amateur Base Ball Championship by besting the Amateur Club of Newark, with a score of 28 – 17, and finishing the season with 14 wins and 11 losses.  

The present day Elizabeth Resolutes were founded in 2000 by Paul Salomone, and adhere to the rules established for 1870 by the DeWitt’s Base Ball Guide to commemorate our Championship season. Sadly, we lost Paul in November of 2020 to cancer, though the team remained strong, and plays on in Paul’s honor. The Elizabeth Resolutes are a member of The Vintage Base Ball Association, and play many teams throughout the Mid-Atlantic and North East by the rules of the hosting team, and host several teams at our home field in Rahway River Park. We’re always looking for new members, and if you’re interested in playing vintage base ball, message us through our Facebook page! 

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