First Home Game of the 2022 Season!

For the Elizabeth Resolutes, Saturday, June 4 was our home opener for 2022. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, and a great team in The Providence Grays

as our opponent. Our matches today consisted of 1870 rules for Game One, and 1884 National League rules for Game Two.

Our first game started slow for The Resolutes, as The Grays arrived primed and ready to play spirited base ball. Providence’s bats were hot early on, while Elizabeth’s defense put up a solid display to keep the score in single digits. Once we found our rhythm, we began scoring runs to answer Providence inning by inning. Alas, our rally would come up short. By the end of the nineth inning, we were tied. Ultimately, Providence proved to be more offensively potent, and took the game in the tenth with a score of 8-7.

After a short break, we readied for game two, playing 1884 National League rules. Considering this style of gameplay is not entirely foreign to us, it is a lot to adjust from our 1870 rules. With both teams refreshed, we took the field for game two, and Providence showed that they were well within their element playing their familiar ruleset. The Resolutes’ bats at the beginning may have been cold only scoring three runs, but our defense rose to compensate and held Providence to just five runs by the end of the sixth inning. With the day getting late, the sun getting hot, and the teams getting exhausted, both captains decided it was best to end the game early after just seven innings instead of the usually nine. The seventh inning started for The Resolutes strong, ultimately scoring five runs to take the lead. Once Providence stepped up to bat, we had to hold them to no more than three runs to close out the game with a win. With a few well struck pitches, Providence was able to score two more, but ultimately The Resolutes were victorious over The Grays by the exact same score as game one, 8-7.

It was a fantastic pair of games, playing some great friends and superbly talented ballists in The Providence Grays. To split the weekend with a win apiece felt like a bigger victory overall, considering the talent we faced today. But as the dust settled, and the handshakes made between opponents, we broke down and embraced each other as good friends who had an immeasurable amount of fun and respect for each other, playing the game that we truly care for and love. And that is why we take the field as The Elizabeth Resolutes; to recreate the game as it was, as accurately as possible, and to hopefully engage and educate any and all spectators we may encounter.

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