Voices from Beyond 2 – Talking with the Spirits with Bruce Tango

September 10, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm America/New York Timezone

Start the spooky season off early with an evening of hauntingly good fun with Bruce Tango, famed paranormal expert featured on the hit television show Ghost Hunters.  On Saturday night, September 10, the Merchants and Drovers Tavern Musuem will host Voices From Beyond 2: Talking with the Spirits with Poppa Bruce Tango.

The Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum dates to 1795, and the historic tavern and inn has long been rumored to be haunted. Back during the musuem’s use as the Girl Scouts Headquarters, the scouts that held sleepovers in the building reported strange goings on. Today, employees, volunteers, and guests have all had unexplainable experiences in the museum. Disembodied voices and ghostly footsteps have been reported along with the distinct feeling of being watched. The museum staff and volunteers believe this haunting to be the spirit of John Anderson, the original owner of the building, keeping watch over his beloved building.

Purchase tickets now at www.brucetango.com!

The evening will include a presentation of Bruce Tango’s best paranormal stories and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings.  There will be an opportunity to share your ghostly encounters and ask questions during the Q&A session.  The evening will also include a lights-out EVP session where guests will be encouraged to communicate with the spirits of the museum. Afterwards, Bruce Tango will play back the recording to listen for phantom voices from beyond.

When asked about EVPs, Bruce Tango explained, “Often while we’re conducting an EVP. session we don’t hear a direct response at the time. It’s not until later, when we play it back, that we hear voices or even answers to a question. It’s pretty wild when you hear someone answer you back” Bruce Tango has been returning to the Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum for over five years. “Each year we get a hit on the recorder. The place is a hotspot for EVPs.” Bruce Tango added.

The event will begin at 7 PM. Tickets are $55. Reservations are required and can be made by visiting Bruce Tango’s website at www.brucetango.com. There will be limited parking on the street and in the museum’s parking lot. Guests are encouraged to park at Parkside Plaza, 1600 St. Georges Avenue in Rahway, NJ.

Visit www.brucetango.com for more info, or to purchase your tickets!

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