How to Eat and Drink French Fluently – at the Merchants!

A sold-out Wine Pairing event – “How to Eat and Drink French Fluently” – was a huge success this weekend at the Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum!

Chris Asay, Sommelier
Our marvelous Sommelier, Chris Asay

The parlor was packed with patrons, drinking and eating their way across France, with the help of our Sommelier, Chris Asay, who enthusiastically explained the finer points of each wine we sampled, all while listening to the live jazz music from the taproom, provided by The Hub Kings.

The Cheese Course

After the champagne course, the cheese course, the dinner course, AND the dessert course, we were surprised by a very special Cognac to finish the evening off perfectly.

Chris and Walter

A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, including of course the marvelous Chris Asay as well as Frederick Wildman and Sons for the donation of the tasting wine, Il Forno a Legna for providing the wonderful food, and Grape Expectations for the donation of a case of wine for door prizes.  We’d especially like to thank to Walter and Betty Makarucha, who put together this whole event, as well as all the volunteers to helped make this event a success!

Please enjoy some pictures of the event.  And if you missed out – make sure you join our mailing list so you don’t miss the next one!  Or consider becoming a member, and you’ll always get first notice of upcoming events at the Merchants!

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